Larson-Davis 710 Five Pack of Noise Dosimeters

SKU: LD 710

These Larson-Davis 710 noise dosimeters measure noise exposures over an 8 hour period for determining time weighted averages(TWA)The Larsen Davis 710 Noise Dosimeter Five Pack includes (5) Noise Dosimeters, Case, (1)Calibrator, Manual,(5) Wind Screens, Printer, Printer Interface Cable, Printer power supply,(5)Collar Clips, (5)Belts Pouches, (5) Nose Cones, (1)Printer Ink Cartridge, Paper, Calibration Certifications, and (1) Calibration Screwdriver. Measures Personal Noise Exposure to Noise for OSHA Compliance Monitoring.Intrinsically safe and battery operated via a 9 Volt alkaline battery. Daily Rental:$250/Day, Weekly Rental: $450, Monthly Rental: $999.

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